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- Rabid AKA Rage (Cronenberg) ed. STORMOVIE [DVD9-ITA ENG-sub ITA-FULL] -

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Rabid AKA Rage (Cronenberg) ed. STORMOVIE [DVD9-ITA ENG-sub ITA-FULL]



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Format: DVD9
Dimension: 4.96 GB
DVD Release Data: 13 Aprile 2008
Runtime: 01:26:37
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 - 1.85:1
Picture Format: Anamorphic
TV system: PAL
Languages: Italian DD 2.0 - English DD 2.0
Subtitles: Italian
Menu\': YES
Deleted: nothing - FULL
Compression: nothing - 1:1 copy
Booklet: NO
Extra: Original Trailer - Photo Gallery - Filmography ( Davide Cronenberg, Marilyn Chambers)



IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0076590/

Original Title: Rabid

Other Title (AKA): Rage (France / USA)
Ăśberfall der teuflischen Bestien (West Germany)
Coma Profundo (Portugal)
I lyssasmeni [Greece (video title)]
Kuduz [Turkey (Turkish title)]
Lyssasmenes sta nyhia tou tromou (Greece)
Rabia (Spain)
Rabid - Bete, dass es nicht Dir passiert [Germany (DVD title)]
Rabid - Der brĂĽllende Tod (West Germany)
Rabid, sete di sangue (Italy)
Sta nyhia tou tromou [Greece (reissue title)]
Verenimijät (Finland)
Wscieklosc (Poland)

Year: 1976
Country: Canada
Genre: Horror
Directed by: David Cronenberg
Writen By: David Cronenberg



Marilyn Chambers ... Rose
Frank Moore ... Hart Read
Joe Silver ... Murray Cypher
Howard Ryshpan ... Dr. Dan Keloid
Patricia Gage ... Dr. Roxanne Keloid
Susan Roman ... Mindy Kent
Roger Periard ... Lloyd Walsh
Lynne Deragon ... Nurse Louise
Terry Schonblum ... Judy Glasberg
Victor DĂ©sy ... Claude LaPointe
Julie Anna ... Nurse Rita
Gary McKeehan ... Smooth Eddy
Terence G. Ross ... Farmer
Miguel Fernandes ... Man In Cinema
Robert O\'Ree ... Police Sergeant


TRAMA (Italian)

Rabid è la storia della giovane Rose che, dopo un incidente stradale, rimane vittima di un chirurgo plastico che ha iniziato a effettuare trapianti cutanei tra esseri umani. Dopo l\'operazione, Rose sviluppa sotto un’ascella un pungiglione/pene/siringa in grado di penetrare l’altrui carne. \"\"Mordendo” le vittime, le contagia con la sua stessa insaziabile sete di sangue.  (Fonte: filmscoop.it)


PLOT (English)

Rose is involved in a motorcycle accident, and has experimental surgery performed in order to save her life. However, she develops a taste for blood. Her victims grow in number as well as madness, turning the city into chaos. (Source: IMDB)






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