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- Goran Bregovic - Discography 1989-2000 [Mp3 VRB] [TNTvillage] -

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Goran Bregovic - Discography 1989-2000 [Mp3 VRB] [TNTvillage]


DISCOGRAPHY 1989 - 2000

Bregović’s compositions, extending Balkan musical inspirations to innovative extremes, draw upon European classicism and Balkan rhythms.
Bregović's music carries Bosnian, Serbian and Romani themes and is a fusion of popular music with traditional polyphonic music from the Balkans, tango and brass bands.

Bregović was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (then SFR Yugoslavia) to Croatian father and Serbian mother. His father was an officer in the Yugoslav People's Army. When his parents divorced he remained living with his mother in Sarajevo.
Goran played violin in a music school. However, deemed untalented, he was thrown out during second grade. His musical education was thus reduced to what his friend taught him until Goran's mother bought him his first guitar in his early teens. Bregović wanted to enroll in a fine arts high school, but his aunt told his mother that it was supposedly full of homosexuals, which precipitated his mother's decision to send him to a technical (traffic) school. As a compromise for not getting his way, she allowed him to grow his hair long. Upon entering high school, Goran joined the school band "Izohipse" where he began on bass guitar. Soon, however, he was kicked out of that school too (this time for misbehaviour - he crashed a school-owned Mercedes-Benz). Bregović then entered grammar school and its school band "Beštije" (again as a bass guitar player). When he was 16, his mother left him and moved to the coast, meaning that other than having a few relatives to rely on, he mostly had to take care of himself. He did that by playing folk music in a kafana in Konjic, working on construction sites, and selling newspapers.
Spotting him at a Beštije gig in 1969, Željko Bebek invited 18-year-old Bregović to play bass guitar in his band Kodeksi, which Goran gladly accepted.
Eventually, Kodeksi shifted setup so Goran moved from bass to lead guitar, resulting in Kodeksi having the following line-up during summer 1970: Goran Bregović, Željko Bebek, Zoran Redžić and Milić Vukašinović. All of them would eventually become members of Bijelo dugme at some point in the future. At the time, they were largely influenced by Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. During the fall of 1970, this resulted in departure of Željko Bebek, who (both as rhythm guitar player and singer) got phased out of the band. At the end of the year, Goran's mother and Zoran's brother arrived to Naples and took them back to Sarajevo.
Then in the autumn of 1971, Goran entered university and decided to study philosophy and sociology. He soon quit, however. At the same time, Milić Vukašinović left for London, so Goran and Zoran started playing in a band named Jutro ("Morning". In the next few years, the band changed lineups frequently, and on 1 January 1974 changed its name to Bijelo dugme ("White Button".
At the time Bijelo dugme was falling apart, Goran entered the world of film music. His first project was Emir Kusturica's Time of the Gypsies (1989). This turned out to be a great success (both the film and the music from it). Goran and Emir's collaboration continued, and Goran composed music (which was performed by Iggy Pop) for Emir's next film Arizona Dream (1993).During a war in Bosnia and Herzegovina Goran lived in Paris but he also lived in Belgrade. His next major project, music for Patrice Chéreau's Queen Margot was again a great success, and the film won two awards on the 1994 Cannes Film Festival. Next year's Golden Palm went to Underground, for which Goran Bregović composed the music.
In 1997, he worked with Turkish singer Sezen Aksu on her album Düğün ve Cenaze (Wedding and Funeral). After that album, he continued making composite albums with other musicians that were based on his music and singers' lyrics.
He made an album with George Dalaras in 1999 named Thessaloniki - Yannena with Two Canvas Shoes. In the same year, Bregović recorded an album called Kayah i Bregović (Kayah and Bregovi&#263 with popular Polish singer Kayah which sold over 650,000 copies in Poland (six times platinum record).
In 2001, he recorded another album with another Polish singer, Krzysztof Krawczyk, titled "Daj mi drugie życie" ("Give Me Second Life".
In 2005, Bregović took part in three large farewell concerts of Bijelo dugme.
A number of works by Bregović can be heard on the soundtrack to the 2006 film Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, most notably "Đurđevdan." The film itself actually features more Bregović samples than the soundtrack.

Le Temps De Gitans (1989)


Scena pojavljivanja majke
Scena Perhanove pogibije
Kustino oro
Borino oro
Glavna tema

Arizona Dream OST (1993)


In the Deathcar
Old home movie
TV screen
7/8 & 11/8
Get the money
Gypsy reggae
This is a film

La Reine Margot-OST (1994)


Elo Hi (Canto Nero)
La nuit de la Saint Barthelemy
Le matin
Runda Neruda
U te sam se zaljubila
La chasse
Marguerite de Valois et Henri de Navarre
Le mariage
La nuit
Elo Hi

Underground OST (1995)



Ya ya (ringe ringe raja)
Underground tango
The belly button of the world

Tales And Songs From Weddings And Funerals (1997)


1. Hop Hop Hop  
2. Tale I (Grave Disperato)  
3. Aven Ivenda  
4. Sex  
5. Tale II [Adagio Poco Febrile]  
6. Maki Maki  
7. Tale III [Lento Arabesco]  
8. So Nevo Si  
9. Tale IV  
10. Cocktail Molotov  
11. Tale V  
12. Polizia Molto Arabbiata  
13. Tale VI  
14. Te Kuravle  
15. Tale VII (Vivo Con Fuoco)

Ederlezi (199


1. La Nuit - Choeur De Radio Belgrade  
2. Ederlezi (Scena Durdevdana Na Rijeci) - Goran Bregovic  
3. Mesecina / Moonlight - Slobodan Salijevic  
4. TV Screen - Iggy Pop  
5. 7/8 & 11/8 - Goran Bregovic  
6. Ausencia - Cesária Évora  
7. Cajesukarije Cocec - Danjela Ratkova  
8. Kalasnjikov - Goran Bregovic  
9. Elo Hi (Canto Nero) - Ofra Haza  
10. Death - Goran Bregovic  
11. Dreams - Goran Bregovic  
12. American Dreamers - Old Home Movie - Johnny Depp  
13. Talijanska - Goran Bregovic  
14. Man From Reno - Scott Walker  
15. Lullaby (BOF 'La Reine Margot') - Goran Bregovic  
16. Underground Tango - Vesna Jovanovic  
17. Ederlezi - Vaska Jankovska

Irish Songs (199


1. Ev chistr 'ta, laou! (Cider-drinking song)
2. The landlord's walk
3. Worship
4. Le lys vert (La Bottine Souriante)
5. Stolen child
6. Nelson Mandela's welcome to the city of Glasgow
7. An annis aigh (The Rankins)
8. Daos-tro fisel (Dance from Fisel country)
9. Stormcry
10. Farewell to Ireland
11. Marches (From the Vannes country)
12. A mhairi bhoidheach
13. Callow lake
14. My home/ The contradiction / Julia Delaney (Ashley Macisaac)
15. Lullaby

Silence Of The Balkans (199



1. Silence 1
2. Delicious Solitude
3. Train
4. Silence 2
5. Wedding
6. Ederlezi
7. Silence 3
8. Chupchik
9. Babylon
10. Green Thought
11. Silence 4
12. Mocking Song

Kayah And Bregovic (1999)


1  Spij kochanie, spij  
2  To Nie Ptak  
3  100 lat mlodej parze    
4  Bylam roza  
5  Trudno kochac  
6  Prawy Do Lewego  
7  Ta-bakiera  
8  Caje Sukarije  
9  Jesli Bog istnieje  
10  Nie ma, nie ma ciebie

Thessaloniki-Yannena With Two Canvas Shoes (1999)


1. You Deserve A Better Love  
2. What If I Want You  
3. My Name Is Popie  
4. Song Dedicated To Eleni F  
5. Night  
6. Song Of The Rain  
7. Your Love's Risk  
8. Treat Us  
9. Don't Give Up Ana  
10. Confess

Songbook (2000)


1. Song for Elena
2. Get The Money
3. Le matin
4. Gul
5. Kalasnjikov
6. Elo Hi
7. TV Screen
8. Ederlezi
9. American Dreamers
10. Venzinadiko Gas Station
11. Mesecina Moonlight
12. 100 Lat Modej Parze
13. Ausencia
14. Man from Reno
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