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- Francesco De Gregori - Francesco De Gregori (1974) -

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Artist...............: Francesco De Gregori
Album................: Francesco De Gregori
Genre................: Pop
Source...............: Cd
Year.................: 1974
Ripper...............: Exact Audio Copy
Codec................: Flac
Information..........: TntVillage
Covers...............: Front
Total Size...........: 187 Mb


This 1974 self-titled Francesco De Gregori release has many points in common with its predecessor, Alice

Non Lo Sa. Often called "the Sheep Album" because of its cover, this record was also criticized for its

obscurity and failed to produce any hit singles, although -- just as with the previous album -- its first

track, "Niente da Capire," would eventually become a De Gregori classic. A wry but still affectionate

portrait of a very peculiar ex-lover, "Niente da Capire" also manages to make fun of the accusations of

hermeticism leveled at De Gregori, as each stanza features a good serving of surrealistic wordplay and ends

with the emphatic title line "There's nothing to understand here." Clearly, the mixed reception of his

first work greatly affected De Gregori, as several songs question or mock his own ability to write, in a

manner that is sometimes ironic and sometimes self-deprecating, but which also points to a very telling

fear of inadequacy or isolation. Not for the first time in his career, De Gregori would struggle with

self-confidence. In fact, in a 1980 interview he identified this album as his worst, and mentioned that he

should not have released it. Presumably, De Gregori has changed his mind since then and -- like most of his

fans -- has reconsidered this album as the hidden treasure of his entire discography. While it is true that

the record is bogged down by a few tracks that are simply too rambling, the vast majority of this material

is as good as anything he has done. For one thing, the album has a more cohesive sonic identity than Alice

Non Lo Sa, replacing the various arrangements of the previous record with a focus on the acoustic guitars

parts. Moreover, if the first album occasionally recalled Leonard Cohen, here it is the influence of Bob

Dylan that permeates many of the songs. This becomes particularly evident in a running thread of the album,

the surreal nightmare song genre that Dylan perfected in pieces like "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues" or "Bob

Dylan's 115th Dream." In songs such as "Informazioni di Vincent" and "Cercando un Altro Egitto" (the latter

would also become a concert staple), De Gregori magnificently adapts Dylan's absurdist catalogs into the

Italian language and culture, albeit in a folk rather than a blues idiom. Other exceptional tracks include

the miniature "Souvenir" (a test run for future gems like "Piccola Mela" and "Santa Lucia", "Finestre di

Dolore," and, above all, "Bene," an extraordinary (and extraordinarily sad) farewell letter to a lover, the

type of song that would become De Gregori's specialty. Indeed, the following year he would release another

tour de force of the genre in the title song of his breakthrough album, Rimmel.


01. Niente da capire
02. Cercando un altro egitto
03. Dolce amore del bahia
04. Informazioni di Vincent
05. Giorno di pioggia
06. Bene
07. Chissā dove sei
08. A lupo
09. Arlecchino
10. Finestre di dolore
11. Souvenir
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