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- Francesco De Gregori - Scacchi e Tarocchi (1985) -

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Artist...............: Francesco De Gregori
Album................: Scacchi e Tarocchi
Genre................: Pop
Source...............: Cd
Year.................: 1985
Ripper...............: Exact Audio Copy
Codec................: Flac
Information..........: TntVillage
Covers...............: Front
Total Size...........: 179 Mb


The '80s was not a great decade for singer/songwriters, given the obsession that FM radio programmers all

over the world had with drum machines and MIDI synthesizers. For a while, it seemed (at least to music

producers and record companies) that no record would get any airplay if it did not comply with a certain

electronic sound. For many songwriters like Francesco De Gregori, born and bred on acoustic guitar and

piano settings, adjusting to the new sound proved quite a challenge. Not surprisingly, many of his records

from that decade sound a bit forced, or dated, particularly when compared with his previous or later work.

Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, or Lou Reed are good cases in point; so is De Gregori. Fortunately, while

sections of 1985'sScacchi e Tarocchi fall under the sonic iron rule mentioned above, his songwriting

remains strong as ever. Not coincidentally, this is easier to see in the songs that keep the arrangement to

a minimum, as in the gorgeous piano ballads "Ciao Ciao" and "A Pa'," the latter a warm -- if

characteristically oblique -- tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini, who was a key influence in De Gregori's

intellectual and political education. Scacchi e Tarocchi's raison d'ętre, however, has to undoubtedly be

his opening number, "La Storia," it's one of the most extraordinary songs he ever wrote. Its subject could

not be more grandiose: history and the way it affects people's everyday lives. The way De Gregori goes

about it, on the other hand, could not be humbler: he uses only his voice and a few piano chords, a simple

language, one memorable image after another. He puts forward the idea that every single person is socially

responsible and has a political role to play, and that neglecting such facts will not make History stop,

change, or go away -- and, believe it or not, he somehow manages to do all this while sounding earnest

rather than pretentious. "La Storia" is nothing short of a miracle of popular songwriting: a socialist

philosophy of History made into a two-and-a-half minute pop ballad in a language that everyone can

understand. The studio version present in this otherwise fine collection, or any of its live versions, is

essential listening for anybody seeking to understand the sheer greatness of Francesco De Gregori.


01. La Storia
02. Scacchi E Tarocchi
03. I Cowboys
04. Ciao Ciao
05. Poeti Per L'Estate
06. A Pa'
07. Sotto Le Stelle Del Messico A Trapanār
08. Piccoli Dolori
09. Tutti Salvi
10. Miracolo A Venezia
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