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- [Nautilus-Bt] Rise of the Argonauts MULTi5 -

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Game Notes

* Experience an epic story inspired by mythology and primitive Greeks.
* Dedication of the companies to obtain the favor.
* Fight alongside Hercules, Achilles and other heroes Perseus and fables
* Explore dozens of different scenarios, populated by the wonderful and bizarre inhabitants.
* Fight against great mythological monsters and giant creatures .
* Develop and improve your skill with weapons and techniques of the lots.
* Rock out with finishing moves, parries, team actions, and more es again.
* With the revolutionary dialogue system can handle choices, progression and narrative.
* Innovative combat system in real time with the dynamic animations and visual damage modeling.
* Progression of the visual character and manage inventory in real time.

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Name: [Nautilus-Bt] Rise of the Argonauts MULTi5

Language.......: Italian,English,Spanish,Francais,Deustch
Release date....: 24.08.2011
System..........: PC Filename.......: Rise of the Argonauts MULTi5 Nautilus-bt.org
Size............: 7.78GB

For more information visit to link: http://www.nautilus-bt.org/index.php?topic=3068
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