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Gray Matter
Setup Italian, game Multi 3, once extracted from the file to change the language setting

Titolo: Gray Matter
Piattaforma: PC Windows
Genere: Avventura
Data di uscita: 25 febbraio 2011
Supporto: DVD10
PEGI: 12+
Pubblicato: dtp entertainment
Distribuito: Koch Media
Sviluppato: Tonuzaba Entertainment
Dimensione: 5.25 Gb

[color=blue]Gray Matter is an adventure game in development for PC and Xbox 360 that brings, for the first time since Gabriel Knight, signed by Jane Jensen and promises us stories full of supernatural elements in environments typical of the old ghost stories and haunted houses. The neurobiologist Dr. David Styles is the protagonist of the story: after losing his wife in a horrible accident several years earlier, to be contained in its Dread Hill House in the countryside English, which rarely comes out ...

The first chapters of Gray Matter flow so a little 'too slow but fascinating, to the point of creating an expectation towards what comes after only partially satisfied. After years of successful adventures such as unconventional Telltale or the adventurous tone as in the various Runaways, asides to the horrific Black Mirror or focus on the most strictly visual as Machinarium and the recent The Dream Machine, test sessions focused entirely evoking sensory memories of time spent with their missing woman as one who sees Styles protagonist in a park, it is surprising at first, unfortunately leaving some disappointed at the time to see how these assumptions do not lead to an actual growth path. between illusions and mysteries Even without wishing to put in place the final outstanding with a lot of unanswered questions attached, the characterization given to the Gothic protagonists in the long run seems a bit 'too tied to the desire to create a character more on the strings of female sensibility - in the case Samantha - and fashions narrative of recent years - Dr. Styles that processes the mourning dressed in black and wearing a mask, in Great Britain in 2000 - with the (almost) total absence of characters and lighter moments or large accelerations pace that would be fine in the case of a book or a movie, but sometimes ill amalgam with the necessary suspension of disbelief required for those who enjoys an interactive product where every thought, speech and suggestion is at the mercy of the ability of logic 'user and the ability to move forward. Met in the middle for the setting of Oxford, the perfect beginning to give the right atmosphere and the background to the events but a little 'underused in his role as university city par excellence, and throughout the central phase of the campus where Samantha will interact with members of the group that is to be submitted to the (fascinating) experiments Styles, who seem to have a following in interpersonal relationships among its members despite the events not just disruptive to their lives. If, therefore, Gray Matter has in common with the three Gabriel Knight great care to sources and also poses a greater attention to certain aspects of the narrative, such as precision in dubbing in English, the shift of focus towards a more complex matter than voodoo, werewolves, vampires and events of ancient European families did not appear to fully rewarded in terms of characters and memorable moments, resulting in less complex.

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