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The Walking Dead: Episode 3
Long Road Ahead

Titolo: The Walking Dead: Episode 3
Piattaforma: PC Windows
Genere: Survival/Horror
Data di uscita: 28 Agosto 2012
Supporto: DVD5
PEGI: 18+
Sviluppato: Telltale Games
Dimensione: 2.10 GB

Between losses and new knowledge, Long Road Ahead marks a turning point for the group and leads us to the next, dramatic destination

The survivors are all returned to the motel. But the traumatic events that occurred on the farm have left their mark, especially in the life of Lilly, filled with resentment and ready to discuss any decisions until they are exhausted. And while the tension between Lilly and Kenny approaches the breaking point, as usual we have to decide which side to take. Although never as in this episode is difficult to predict the consequences of our choices. First of all you need to know if Lilly fears are well founded. The young woman claims that someone is stealing provviste.Biglietto one way then there is a traitor in the group. This is the turning point that leads us to disagree with the living more than the dead. From this point on, we will not only defend ourselves from zombies and bandits, but also by members of our group. The Walking Dead: Road And 'Long is the episode in which the struggles reach levels more dramatic. And if you know Kirkman's comic that inspired the game, you will know that no one is safe, not even the people we love the most. Not for nothing the third installment of this saga full of gut feelings is the best released to ora.Biglietto one way Telltale Many were waiting for the test phase of the central and most difficult to manage in every story, but the skill of the writers is such as to make him pass the exam with flying colors. The Road And 'Long is everything you can want from a story set in an apocalyptic world of zombies. There is violence, hope and remorse. And no one is safe. Then we enter into the shoes of Lee for the third time but prepare to regret our choices. Long Road Ahead In fact, every decision leads to consequences that weigh like rocks on the heart of the protagonist.

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