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In Zombie Driver will be the only survivor equipped with a means of transportation in a city completely overrun by zombies and closed in quarantine. The army is helpless before this epidemic and before nuking the town will ask you to save the few survivors holed up in various buildings around the game map. As a good and honest citizen as you will not be able to shirk certain to bring help to the needy, so deciding to accommodate the requests for help and endanger your own lives to save those of others. Driving your car through the streets infested city you will get the points indicated and remove people barricaded before the zombies manage to break through the barricades and make a nice feast.

The graphics engine used by Zombie Driver is the well known open source Ogre 3D, the graphics are clean and detailed both as models of cars that the zombies, making it pleasant to see. Lovers splatter will they involve the trails of blood left by the tires and shreds of zombies that schizzeranno from all sides.

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