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- [PSN][USA][PS3][MULTI]Minecraft - Playstation 3 Edition [CFW.4.50] Update DLC -

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Minecraft is a "sandbox game contruction " firsthand developed by Mojang , whose gameplay revolves around creativity.

Players can freely explore the scenario and use the basic elements ( cubes ) to build any type of object. At the initial formula is very simple and free of special facets , was subsequently added a selection of modes that include achivement unlock and adventures to be taken.

The 1.0 version of the game was released November 18, 2011 , although the first version to be available from May 2009 (alpha) .

The main mode is the so-called survival , in which the player is required to build a shelter to survive the terrible creatures that populate the world at sunset . How much charm to create weapons from raw materials and build castles in the beginning by meadows and forests.

The game is meanwhile also released on the Xbox 360, while the original version has undergone other updates , earning elements for the transformation into a kind of role-playing game.

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1) Install Minecraft
2) Install Update 1.01
3) Install Fix Update + DLC

DLC contains:

24 skins to change the character of Minecraft
Festive skin pack
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